Southern Cross Marine

Barracuda 9

Barracuda 9 
Naval Architect: P. TABLEAU 
Interior Design: Sarrazin Design 
Length Overall: 8.91m (29'3") 
Hull Length: 7.98m (26'2") 
Hull Beam: 2.93m (9'7") 
Light Displacement: 3,441kg (7,584 lbs) 
Air Draft: 2.54 - 2.97m (8'4" - 9'9") 
Draught: 2.93m (9'7") 
Fuel Tank: 400L 
Water Tank: 100L 
Max Engine Power: 450HP 
The Barracuda 9 combines innovative design, speed, performance and safety all at once. This sport fisher enjoys perfectly controlled power and her interior is designed for cruising. This makes her a particularly attractive choice. The Barracuda 9's hull is aggressive yet safe and she is perfectly balanced. Equipped with Air Step(c) technology, she is very comfortable to drive and her chined hull gives her great grip. Topped with a stylish straight wind-shielded wheelhouse, her deck has a walk around layout. This boat is designed for fishing and has spacious functional 'work areas' outside (cockpit and foredeck). The Barracuda 9 boasts a version with a second driving station on the flybridge.
Ideal for easy movement on board, access to the wheelhouse is by two side sliding doors. Inside, the Barracuda 9 reveals a really comfortable atmosphere. With a dashboard ready to receive full electronic equipment, a large forward cabin, and a shower and toilet space, it is ready to set off on any trip. Every hollow space is used as a storage locker and for stowing equipment. The two pilot and co-pilot bolster seats rotate to face the rear seat. This creates a meal area inside.

With deck and cabin fittings adapted to all climates, the Barracuda 9 has a wide range of uses. Most definitely a fishing boat brim-full of character, she is also pleasant for short trips or coastal cruising. You feel safe on board in all circumstances thanks to an extremely seaworthy hull. For better vision of the surrounding waters, there is a Flybridge version of the Barracuda 9 equipped with a second pilot and co-pilot driving station. Inspired by American Sport Fishing boats (v-flared hull with sheer and clarity of line), the bottom has Air Step(c) technology providing an optimal performance, safety and cruising comfort. She boasts quick acceleration, maximised speed, curves are more easily handled and she has excellent seakeeping, favouring easy passage through the waves. Air Step(c) makes a great difference in terms of driving sensations. With its straight 'modern adventurer' style windshield and attention to finish details (wood, stainless steel, stained instrument panel), the Barracuda 9 also appeals for her quality and design.