JB Craft Xpression 520 OB – Brand new and not yet been in the water!


This JB Craft is Compact, Versatile, and Ready for Adventure – all this and it’s BRAND NEW!

Easy Management and Stability

The JB Craft, a compact and stable vessel, is designed for easy management and optimal versatility. Built in 2022 in South Africa, this boat promises a smooth and enjoyable experience for both novice and experienced boaters.

Power and Performance
– Engine: Powered by a brand-new Mercury Four Stroke 115hp outboard engine, with 0 hours on the clock, ensuring reliable and efficient performance from the get-go.

Design and Features
– Stand-Up Centre Console: Equipped with a stand-up centre console featuring a spray deflector, offering plenty of walk-around deck space.
– Versatility: Known as a fishing machine, the JB Craft also excels in family boating and is pet-friendly, making it suitable for a wide range of activities. Whether cruising with family, enjoying water sports, or fishing, this boat meets all your needs.

Key Features
– Tower Bimini: Provides shade and protection from the sun.
– Fishing Amenities: Includes a fish hatch, live bait well, and rod boxes, making it ideal for fishing enthusiasts.
– Safety and Convenience: Features a rear safety rail with a ski pole, reversible backrest at the helm, and cushioned sides for comfort and safety.
– Seating and Storage: Offers an aft lounge box seat with under-seat storage and a 5-person capacity, ensuring ample seating and storage space.

Additional Benefits
– Towability: Can be easily towed with a medium-sized car, adding to its convenience and accessibility.

Enjoy endless Possibilities with this JB Craft. Whether you’re enjoying a family day on the water, engaging in thrilling water sports, or heading out for a successful fishing trip, this boat has you covered.

Embrace the adventure with the JB Craft – your ultimate companion on the water.


"This JB Craft is Compact, Versatile, and Ready for Adventure - all this and it's BRAND NEW!"