Moby Luxrib 14 – A cut above the rest & now reduced!


 Superior Design and Quality Craftsmanship. Designed in Australia, Handmade with World-Class Materials

The Moby Luxrib14, designed in Australia, stands out for its handmade craftsmanship and exceptional quality. Utilizing world-leading materials sourced from Belgium, the USA, the UK, and Germany, this Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB) promises durability and excellence.

Key Features
– Capacity and Comfort: Accommodates up to 7 people, providing ample space for enjoyable outings.
– Luxurious Details: Features stunning teak-look C Deck floors, enhancing both aesthetics and comfort.
– Superior Hull Strength: Built with a focus on robustness and longevity.
– Premium Hypalon Tubes: Made in Belgium, these thick tubes ensure stability and a smooth ride.
– Sun Protection: Includes a bimini designed specifically for the Australian sun, offering necessary shade and protection.

Ease of Use
– Simple Mooring: Easily moors to docks or other boats, thanks to its innovative design.
-Smooth Ride: The inflatable tubes contribute to a stable and enjoyable experience on the water.
– Performance and Certification
– Powerful Engine: Equipped with a 50hp Mercury engine, delivering reliable and efficient performance.
– CE Certification: Built to meet CE certification standards, regarded as the highest in the world for recreational boats.

Affordable Enjoyment
The Moby Luxrib14 not only offers a high-end boating experience but also ensures years of affordable enjoyment with its lightweight design and durable construction.

Experience uncompromising quality and luxury with the Moby Luxrib14, a boat designed for those who demand the best.


"Designed in Australia, Handmade with World-Class Materials"